Weekend Warrior Challenge

The podcast that made this possible!

Happy Friday!!

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    weekend warrior
    A healthy lifestyle is something that needs to incorporate all 7 days of the week. Weekend gluttony and starting over on Monday is NOT productive or conducive to a healthy lifestyle.

So I’ve been trying to come up with a weekend specific challenge. Because we all know weekends are HARD on a healthy lifestyle. The restaurants, social gatherings, alcohol, etc.
I have a morning routine of listening to or reading some sort of personal development every morning for 30 minutes (I strongly recommend each and every one of you develop this habit). This morning, knowing I needed a bang up post for today, I decided to go back and listen to a couple podcasts I’ve already listened to but didn’t take notes. I’m SO GLAD I did!

Weekend Warrior Challenge is born!

Now I’m not saying you HAVE to do this THIS weekend. BUT keep it in mind and give it a shot when you are ready. Just be sure to post your experience here or send me a private message! I love hearing from you all!

tip: go into this with an OPEN MIND

1) If this one gives you massive anxiety, we need to talk, privately. NO ALCOHOL Friday, Saturday or Sunday. It’s ONLY three days. You CAN do this. Alcohol is packed with excessive calories and sugars. It diminishes our ability to make good decisions especially in regards to FOOD. It also causes bloating and SLOWS METABOLISM.

2) For these three days, I ask you to do 60-90 minutes of steady state cardio. Wth? A long jog, power walk, bike ride etc. Keep in mind I don’t want you doing this 7 days a week. Just for these three short days. ALSO, two of these days I want you to do a 15-20 minute HIIT session.

I would also like to challenge you to complete a HIIT session while FASTED and wait two hours after to break your fast. Can’t go two hours? Thats cool. Just give it as long as you can, ideally at least an hour. Want a customizable written workout instead?

3) Late start and early finish! Food wise I mean. Don’t eat breakfast until 11am. (I know, just trust me on this one. Not a daily habit. Just this weekend) Stop eating at 7pm. No food after 7. Go to bed hungry!   If you have read my post on IF, you know now that we should actually be eating in an 8-10 hour window (for the ladies) or a 4-8 hour window (for the guys). I still want you to skip your morning meal, obviously. But I don’t want you to go to bed ravenously hungry. I just want to be very clear, women should NOT fast for longer than 16 hours (a single monthly 24 hour fast IS ok.) So if that means you have to eat something before bed, do it. And make it a CARB

4) 1 extra hour of sleep. Go to bed early. Sleep in. Nap. I don’t care how you do it, just do it!

5) no restaurants.

6) BYOF bring your own FOOD. Attending a social gathering? BYOF. IF this is uncomfortable for you, just be extra conscientious of what and how much you are eating. Make the BEST choice.

7) eat 1 cup of RAW veggies before lunch and dinner. This will help you consume about 200 fewer calories at these meals. The raw fiber will help fill you up and keep you full.

8) PnC – you will NEED a partner in crime. This can be your significant other, a bestie, whoever. Just ASK someone to do this with you and help keep you accountable! Send them this post! Invite a loved one to join you in a war against unhealthy habits!

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