No really, you NEED to do this

Turn to you loved one, love them in the eyes and say -we are financially secure Fill your well before you are thirsty

So let me start off by saying this is a passion post. This is a completely UNBRANDED post. So pretty please, read it. It’s not for me. It’s for YOU. Seriously.

So let’s just say we’ve had the conversation and building a business “isn’t for you”. You don’t need the money. Cool story. But, instead of insisting you don’t NEED money, try this. Say aloud where your family or coworkers can hear you, “I don’t need financial security.”

Is that harder to say than “a business isn’t for me”?

I thought so. You don’t know what the future holds.

Can you say with 100% surety that your career, your job, will be around in 10 years, 20 years? Can you say with 100% surety that your CEO isn’t actively trying to sell the company you are employed by? Can you say with 100% surety that your retirement fund will get you 20 years post retirement, 30, 40 years? What if you were injured or became ill THIS year? Do you have a plan in place? Other than relying on the government to take care of you (because, come on now, that’s laughable at best)…

Do you really want somebody else telling you what you’re supposed to do every single day for the rest of your life????

You have so many safety nets installed around your life. Life insurance. Health insurance. Car insurance. Those little cabinet locks so littles can’t get to poisons. Air bags in your vehicle. A fence around your yard. Savings account. Smoke detectors. Alarm systems. Dead bolts. You get the picture right?

So, if you could build yourself a financial safety net by building your own online, home based business without jeopardizing your current career, why wouldn’t you? You have a passion right? Why not turn it into a profit? Let’s be clear here, I’m not asking you to join my team. I’m not trying to convince you my brand is the way to go. I just want you to open your eyes.

If you know that financial security is important, if you know that things could change tomorrow even if they’re not very likely to, well, then you’ve got to start an online business. Why not create that little cushion that can grow slowly while you have your full time job or while you are a full time stay at home mom or while you are in college?

The next reason why I really want you to consider this is because you’ve got greatness within you. Your voice matters, your passion, your purpose, the things that have happened to you, your experiences, your job experience, the things you’ve been through, the things you’ve conquered, the things you’re excited about, the things that you know better than anyone else, the things that get you really pumped up and you can’t stop talking about them. How cool would it be if that’s your job, that thing that you love and you can’t get enough of?

So, if you’ve read this far, you have some thinking to do right? Well, let me give you ONE task. I want you to hear what inspired me to make this post to begin with. Check out this link for the podcast that got me roaring this morning. And, I may be bias, but check out her other podcasts. I personally listen to at least one a day. She’s motivating, honest, genuine and truly only cares about helping build others up, helping you believe in yourself. Yep, there you have it. My SECRET to success-personal development. Laugh if you must. But don’t knock it til you try it!